Red Vein

Facial Thread Veins

THREAD VEINS otherwise known as Spider Veins, Broken Veins, Venous Flares, Broken Capillaries or Surface Veins are extremely common.  On average 40% of women have them on their legs. Men are not immune from Thread Veins and can also suffer from them. Thread Veins are red or purple in colour and are visible on the skins surface. They can appear in clusters or as individual veins and are usually about 1-2mm. They are also Genetic!

Facial Thread Veins are usually found around the nose but can spread up onto the cheeks. They are very different to the Thread Veins that are found on the legs. Effective treatments for Facial Thread Veins is also very different to the treatment used for Leg Thread Veins.

Although they are called Thread Veins they are Dilated Capillary Networks from your Arteries and not your Veins. (Arteries take blood from the heart to the rest of the body and Veins return blood to the heart). The blood inside them is more oxygenated and therefore appear brighter red in colour.

Treatment for Facial Thread Veins

Effective treatment for Facial Thread Veins can usually be achieved by using one of the following treatments:

* Advanced Electrolysis

* Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

* Laser

All of these treatments work by using heat to destroy the Blood Vessel.

Injecting vessels on the face is NOT recommended except in very rare cases.

Claudia McGloin Clinic has introduced Advanced Cosmetic Procedures/Advanced Electrolysis into the clinic. This is currently the only treatment that is used for the treatment of Facial Thread Veins.

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