Sports Injuries

Mesotherapy for Pain Management and Sports Injuries

Mesotherapy can be used to effectively treat Muscle Soreness and Inflammation due to injury. It can also help to speed up healing time. Overuse of the muscles can cause inflammation to the muscle, which can be extremely painful and healing can be a lengthy process.

Mesotherapy can effectively treat musculoskeletal problems including tendinitis, arthritis, sprains, muscle strain, spinal disorders and back pain.

Mesotherapy is a simple French therapeutic technique that is widely used in Europe. It involves a local injection of medication into the mesoderm, as close to the site of injury as possible. It is used primarily for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effects.

In sports medicine, it can be of benefit to players with soft tissue injuries, who naturally aim to be able to return to play at the earliest opportunity. Sports trauma is often implicated in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. In most cases, the congestive and inflammatory reaction of these tissues before healing justifies taking pain-killing and anti-inflammatory medication.

Mesotherapy involves the delivery of small amounts of FDA-approved medications (non-cortisone, non-steroid) via local injections instead of ingesting or injecting intramuscularly or intravenously much larger dosages of medications, which are filtered in the liver and kidney and travel throughout one’s body.

Claudia McGloin Clinic specialise in these injections and is the only clinic in Ireland to offer this treatment for Pain Management and Sports Injuries.

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