The Claudia McGloin Clinic in keeping up to date with Patient Safety, Best Practice, Legal and Ethical issues ensures that every Patient/Client who attends the Claudia McGloin Clinic will have a Face to Face Consultation prior to any treatment. This is a necessity as the clinic is a Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

Consultations are required to ensure that the Patient/Client is fully informed about the treatment that they are looking to have so that they can make an informed Consent. From a Medical point a Consultation is vital to ensure that the Patient/Client is suitable for the treatment and that it is Safe to proceed.

Even Patients/Clients looking to have Skin Care need to have a Consultation to ensure that the correct products are Prescribed for their Skin Type and Skin Condition.

Some of the Procedures at the clinic will require a ‘Skin Test’ and this will be done prior to the treatment being carried out to ensure that there are no allergic or adverse reactions from the products used.

Following a Consultation at the clinic, a second appointment will be made for treatment which will be carried out on a different day. This gives the Patient/Client a chance to go over the information and leaflets given at the Consultation and also gives time to ask further questions and to do their research into the treatment they are to have.

Consultations costs €30 and are carried out by an Experienced Medical Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner.



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