Age Spots

These spots are usually caused by exposure to the sun. They generally appear on areas such as the hands, face, shoulders and arms.

They are superficial marks on the surface of the skin that are brown or black in colour and are sometimes also called ‘Liver Spots’.

Treatment for Age Spots

At the Claudia McGloin Clinic we offer a variety of treatments and procedures for treating Age Spots.

Spot Peel

A Dermaceutic Depigmentation Peel is a simple procedure with no down-time, only 2 days of pinkness of the skin. It has a deeper action in the skin than gentle peels and is advised for people with more affected skins. A Depigmentation Peel is recommended to treat pigmentation spots, pregnancy dark spots or melasma. It is also highly advised in cases of actinic keratoses and post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Everyone can benefit from the Dermaceutic Depigmentation Peels. These Depigmenting Peels produce excellent results, from which recovery is quick with no time taken from work or family. Darker skin tones can be safely treated with a natural blending of skin colours.

Dermaceutic Depigmentation Peels are perfect for the busy person who wants quick results with no down-time. With a Dermaceutic Depigmentation Peel, melasma and deeper skin marks will be reduced. All this with a simple procedure and a very easy follow-up.

The Dermaceutic Depigmentation Peels provide blemish-free skin.  Best of all, you will have a smooth, beautiful complexion free from dark spots and melasma for months.

Description of a session
A session generally lasts 15-30 minutes and is made up of several steps. Firstly your skin is cleaned with a special pre-peel cleanser (Cleanser 5 or Foamer 15). Then the product is applied all over the face several times and especially on the most pigmented areas. You will return home still wearing the peel but nobody will see it and you will remove it 8 hours later.

Dark spots have disappeared, your skin looks unblemished and glowing. We recommend applying Spot Cream at night for 1 month in order to maintain and enhance the results.

Because it is a medium peel, you will have to use a repairing cream and a UV protection after the peel. Simply follow the few precautions your doctor may advise.

Preparation and follow-up
To improve the results, we suggest following a tailored personal care treatment at home with Light Ceutic to maximise the depigmenting action before the peeling. Then after the peel, use Spot Cream on the spots, and progressively replace Spot Cream with Dermaceutic depigmenting concentrate Yellow Cream, which regulates melanin biosynthesis (inhibition of tyrosinase).

Also, remind your skin care specialist of anything that might have an impact on your treatment: pregnancy, allergic reactions in the past, current treatments (hair removal, tanning, micro-dermabrasion), medication, etc.

Last but not least, follow the precautions suggested by your skin care specialist. You will need to avoid exposure to UV light and protect your skin from the sun either with Sun Ceutic or K Ceutic in the morning.

Genuine Dermaroller™ 

Genuine Dermaroller™ therapy provides advanced micro-medical skin needling. It is a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin. By causing a trauma to the skin it creates a wound healing response within the dermis and this will encourage new collagen in the areas that are treated.

Significantly improving the appearance of facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles, sun damaged and ageing skin, acne scars and stretch marks has never been easier thanks to the innovative and award-winning non-surgical skin regeneration procedure Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures using Advanced Electrolysis



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